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CGR SpA (Compagnia Generale Ripreseaeree) is leader in Italy and Europe in the field of photogrammetry and remote sensing.Operative on the Italian market since 1969, CGR is the reference company for both the public and private sectors in the capture and processing of territory information, thanks also to the implementation of digital sensor-based state-of-the-art and innovatory technologies (from photogrammetry to the LIDARs and to multispectral sensors for remote sensing).
CGR business ranges from participation in programmes covering wide extents of territory, for which all types of information are captured, to the creation and development of specific solutions based on the cloud platform called URBEX™.
Under the TerraItaly™ brand name, CGR has made available worldwide an exhaustive library of up-to-date orthorectified images and their historical archive, unique in terms of quality and richness of images, which document the evolution of the Italian territory over the last fifty years. CGR has its headquarter in Parma, close to the airport that is also the operating base for its fleet of aircraft.

On February 2013 , after seven years of membership in the Norwegian Group Blom ASA, CGR was bought-back by the Banchini – Ferretti family that are the successors of the founder Licinio Ferretti.

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