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  • CGR partners with Ecopia.AI to produce Next-Generation Digital Maps of Italy

    17 September 2020
    CGR SpA (“Compagnia Generale Ripreseaeree”) and Ecopia.AI (“Ecopia”) announce a partnership with to produce the next-generation of digital maps for the entirety of Italy – including all buildings, roads, bridges, water bodies, and trees. The resulting maps, Ecopia Vector Maps powered by CGR, will empower customers with the most accurate, up-to-date, country-wide data available ...
  • Press Release

    Massimiliano Zuco joins the BoD and assumes the position of General Manager

    9 February 2018
    Massimiliano Zuco joins the Board of Directors and assumes the position of General Manager CGR S.p.A. (Compagnia Generale Ripreseaeree), leader in Italy and Europe in the photogrammetry and remote sensing sector since 1969, announces that Massimiliano Zuco will join the Board of Directors, with the delegation of Group General Manager. Over the years, CGR has consolidated its leadership in the ...
  • CGR in Arabia Saudita

    9 November 2016
    CGR’s remote sensing activities continue in Saudi Arabia to support the design and operations for high-speed railways projects. After the survey on the Jeddah-Riyadh routes in 2014, in 2016 CGR carried out the survey of a new route further North which will connect Jeddah with the port of Al Jubyl. The project was carried out and concluded within the established time frame.
  • “On demand” CGR imagery market booms

    9 November 2016
    CGR platform exceeds the threshold of 2 billion interactions with the Geoserver in a year. From 1 January 2016 till today CGR geo-server, which every day serves very high-resolution imagery to some of the most relevant Italian and European utilities and Municipalities, has exceeded the threshold of 2 billion interactions in November, a record since launch of the platform in 2005. These data ...
  • CGR supplies aerial survey to JRC for emergency

    9 November 2015
    The Joint Research Center (JRC) of the European Commission has awarded CGR (Compagnia Generale Ripreseaeree SpA) a framework contract for the acquisition of aerial images in emergency situations. The contract intends to enhance the potential of image acquisition from aerial platforms as a crucial source of post-event documentation in emergency situations and in a context of rapid response (for ...
  • Foto per Rilievi con sistemi radar

    Aerial survey with radar system

    5 February 2014
    The collaboration between the Dutch company MetaSensing and CGR continues for the execution of surveys with airborne radar systems. MetaSensing develops and operates radar systems in P, L, X, Ku bands, for different types of surveys and applications, while CGR is interested in evaluating the potential for data analysis and its possible applications in major market sectors. CGR has once again ...
  • CGR back to Saudi Arabia

    1 February 2014
    Ad un anno di distanza dal primo progetto realizzato da CGR in Arabia Saudita nella Città Santa di Medinah, CGR è tornata nel paese arabo per l’acquisizione di dati territoriali da piattaforma aerea funzionali alla progettazione della nuova ferrovia che collegherà la capitale Riyadh a Jeddah sul mar rosso, progetto in capo a Italferr. Le attività di CGR comprendevano sorvoli del corridoio ...
  • Foto del lancio di un drone

    Strategic cooperation between CGR and AeroDron

    2 December 2013
    CGR is a shareholder of AeroDron, a startup that provides services for the protection and safeguarding of the territory using low-altitude APR (Remotely Piloted Aircraft) also known as drones. Born in Parma in 2013, Aerodron identifies and develops technologies related to the use of UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) having as its purpose the research of environmental sustainability, through the ...
  • CGR provides aerial imagery and map services to the new Italian search engine iStella

    19 March 2013
    CGR proud to participate in Tiscali’s innovative Italian project. Istella wants to be a knowledgeable portal, oriented to the natural, cultural and historical heritage of the country. CGR contributes to the project, with its own data repository aerial imagery part of the TerraItaly™ nbrand which represent the entire national territory, its development and its unique beauty. ...
  • CGR spa - Compagnia Generale Ripreseaeree

    CGR becomes an Italian owned Company again

    19 February 2013
    Blom CGR, which belonged to the Norwegian group BLOM ASA, turned back to be an Italian company, or even better, Parmesan. The operation took place on February 19, when the shares were purchased 100% by G. Banchini and his wife B. Ferretti (managing director), after seven years of business development within the Scandinavian group with which it will in any case be maintained. a close ...
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