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CGR provides aerial imagery and map services to the new Italian search engine iStella

CGR proud to participate in Tiscali’s innovative Italian project.
Istella wants to be a knowledgeable portal, oriented to the natural, cultural and historical heritage of the country. CGR contributes to the project, with its own data repository aerial imagery part of the TerraItaly™ nbrand which represent the entire national territory, its development and its unique beauty.
TerraItaly™ is a 200 TB plus data repository with over 6 million of aerial images per day, the largest private imagery archive available today in Italy and is quite unique for its multi-temporal representation of Europe; snapshots of the “beautiful country” start from the beginning of the second world war going forward till present days, putting in evidenced the development of the territory, its land and provide users with a detailed view of the country that disrupting technology and local know’how were able to generate.

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