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Strategic cooperation between CGR and AeroDron

CGR is a shareholder of AeroDron, a startup that provides services for the protection and safeguarding of the territory using low-altitude APR (Remotely Piloted Aircraft) also known as drones. Born in Parma in 2013, Aerodron identifies and develops technologies related to the use of UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) having as its purpose the research of environmental sustainability, through the study of specific applications that optimize our natural resources. The consumption of land and resources, the monitoring of discharges and water withdrawals, the control of the use of fertilizers in agriculture, the management of forest assets are just some areas in which the use of drones is already being tested. and that are part of the services that Aerodron can offer. To these are added the emergency response sectors (Civil Protection, Fire Brigade, State Forestry Corps), or even private individuals, who also operate within the market but in sectors of strong public interest (agriculture, road and railway infrastructures for example). AeroDron is a CGR’s strategic choice to follow the inclusion of UAVs, in specialized remote sensing services, thus extending its services to areas with technical specifications that are not compatible with traditional aircraft The most salient features of UAVs are their ability to fly at low altitudes even in situ of steep slopes and to respond to the needs of high temporal and spatial resolution and low operating costs.

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