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Massimiliano Zuco joins the BoD and assumes the position of General Manager

Massimiliano Zuco joins the Board of Directors and assumes the position of General Manager CGR S.p.A. (Compagnia Generale Ripreseaeree), leader in Italy and Europe in the photogrammetry and remote sensing sector since 1969, announces that Massimiliano Zuco will join the Board of Directors, with the delegation of Group General Manager.
Over the years, CGR has consolidated its leadership in the public and private sectors in the acquisition and processing of territorial information segment, focusing on the continuous research and application of sophisticated and innovative technologies based on digital sensors. The company makes its databases and its huge historical archive available to public and private users, unique for the quality and richness of the images of the national territory over the last fifty years.
Giovanni Banchini, President of CGR said: “The entry into the Board of Directors of a manager of the value of Massimiliano Zuco, in recent months has been essential to redesign our three-year strategic plan. Our goal – continues Giovanni Banchini – is to explore new markets and business segments in order to achieve significant growth.
Massimiliano Zuco, in his new role as General Manager of CGR said: “I am happy having joined the CGR group. The digital transformation underway will allow us to revolutionize the market, introducing new digital services in order to further strengthen the Group’s positioning on the market.”

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