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Aerial survey with radar system

The collaboration between the Dutch company MetaSensing and CGR continues for the execution of surveys with airborne radar systems. MetaSensing develops and operates radar systems in P, L, X, Ku bands, for different types of surveys and applications, while CGR is interested in evaluating the potential for data analysis and its possible applications in major market sectors. CGR has once again made its aerial platforms and its maintenance workshop available to MetaSensing, to install an L-band radar sensor and to carry out a series of surveys on the Italian and Austrian alpine areas. The activities were commissioned by the European Space Agency (ESA) as part of a study phase for the SAOCOM + satellite mission. The CGR-owned CASA 212C aircraft once again proved to be an extremely versatile and unique platform in terms of housing capacity for even complex sensors, availability of space on board both for operators and for the installation of radar antennas, ability to fly at low altitude and at low speed in extremely stable flight conditions; the possibility of having an internal workshop and specialized technicians for aircraft maintenance made it possible to install and test the system in the fastest and most complete way. All the measurement campaigns were carried out successfully and the data of the various acquisitions are being processed, providing important and comforting indications on their possible future use.

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