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Legal Notes

Conditions and terms for the use of the site

The site is aimed at providing an overview of the company and its business, with no official feature. Access to the site and acquisition of the materials and information contained therein are to be considered as acceptance of the said conditions and terms. Those who do not intend to comply with said conditions and terms are kindly requested to not access the site and not benefit from the materials and information it contains.

The web site and its content are the sole property of Compagnia Generale Ripreseaeree Spa (CGR Spa) and the rights related with their use are reserved and protected by the laws and regulations in force, including the copyright ones. They cannot therefore be used without a previous consent in writing from CGR Spa.

 CGR Spa regularly provides to updated the information contained in the site but cannot however guarantee or assure their absolute exhaustiveness  or updating. In no case shall Blom CGR  Spa be kept responsible for damages of whatsoever nature caused, directly or indirectly by the access to the site, by inability or impossibility to access it

 CGR Spa is not responsible for the content of outside sites, if any, accessible through any links present within its site.

 CGR reserves the right to modify the content of the site and these legal notes at any time and without previous notice. The latest version can be viewed through the hypertextual connection “legal notes” within the structure of the frame (accessible from any page)

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