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Multispectral imaging

A multispectral sensor is able to record the natural radiation released or reflected by the object or the surrounding areas across the electromagnetic spectrum (visible, infrared and thermal bands).

CGR can employ the Hyspex VNIR1800 scanner which records the wavelengths of the natural radiation  in 186 bands, from the visible range to the near, middle, far infrared and thermal bands. All these data are acquired in the same moment for each pixel and with the same field of view to ensure that all the spectral information are coming from the same point above the terrain.

For its spectral characteristics, the Hyspex VNIR1800 sensor can be used for different applicative fields where remote sensing techniques are significantly applied, such as Agriculture, Geology, Geomorphology, Botany, Asbestos, etc.


Vegetation typical classification

 MIVIS Classificazione tipologie di vegetazioneCharacterization of vegetable coverage (vegetation classification and mapping, spectral libraries processing, sometimes related with field  analysis).Monitoring of vegetation health status  based on biophysics parameters and vegetation indexes.

Correlation analysis between vegetation typologies and geomorphologic aspects.


MIVIS Analisi e studio di aree oggetto di incendiMonitoring of woods fires:  interpretation analysis of the fires in progress, evaluation of the environmental impact of regions burned by fire and then repopulated by vegetable species.

Analysis of parameters that can help to find fire high risks regions.

Land Use

MIVIS identificazione uso suolo e distinzione coltureIdentification of natural-environmental high interest areas (i.e. stable grassland, wetlands, etc.).
Identification of crops (density, phytosanitary status, moisture content, vegetation types and phenological stage).

Lagoon, Coast and Inland Waters

MIVIS Analisi anomalie termiche in acqua

  • Thermal behavior of surface waters.
  • Mapping of algal (bloom) typologies and their diffusion.
  • Water turbidity and color.

Analysis of water constituents.


immagine multispettrale per l'individuazione dell'amiantoIdentification, mapping and monitoring of asbestos roofs.

Cement-asbestos weathering status analysis.


Waste disposals

immagine multispettrale di una discarica ad Inzago (MI)

  • Detection of unauthorized dumping grounds
  • Waste disposals monitoring.
  • Biogas emission identification, fryrvyopm of spills and evaluation of surrounding vegetation health status.
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