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Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

AeroDron is a start-up with the mission of delivering low altitude aerial surveys through UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), best known as drones. Founded in 2013 in Parma, the Company researches and develops sustainable technologies related to UAV application.

Soil and resources consumption, water management, control of use of fertilizers, forestry heritage management are some of the many experimental fields of drone applications.

We fly over the Tosco Emiliano National Park,  the landslides on the Parma Apennines, over the Po valley corn and tomato crops, we track the heat dissipation of buildings in small municipalities through infrared sensors,  support the municipalities development plans,  monitor air quality, water reservoirs and coastlines.

AeroDron has been selected by BLOM CGR as a strategic partner to drive the adoption of the UAV platform providing specialized remote sensing services, expanding the scope of their offer, covering technical requirements that cannot be fulfilled through manned aerial vehicles.

Key features of UAVs are their ability to fly at low altitude even in high gradient terrains and to meet high spatial and time-based resolution requirements at low running costs.

Our main customers are Public Administration offices, public and private bodies, Municipalities Unions, Associations and Institutions in general that are involved in territory and environmental management.

We are also supporting emergency bodies (Civil Protection Agency, Fire Brigades, State Forestry Corps) as well as any public or private stakeholder  operative in various industries of high public relevance (e.g. agriculture, roads and railways infrastructures).

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