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CGR partners with Ecopia.AI to produce Next-Generation Digital Maps of Italy

CGR SpA (“Compagnia Generale Ripreseaeree”) and Ecopia.AI (“Ecopia”) announce a partnership with to produce the next-generation of digital maps for the entirety of Italy – including all buildings, roads, bridges, water bodies, and trees. The resulting maps, Ecopia Vector Maps powered by CGR, will empower customers with the most accurate, up-to-date, country-wide data available on the market. This solution will provide commercial and government users with a digital representation of the country, driving better decision-making across industries.
CGR, the premier player for acquisition and treatment of geospatial data in Italy, is capturing high-resolution 20cm orthorectified aerial imagery of the entire country of Italy annually and using advanced automation techniques to orthorectify the imagery and process their terrain data modeling. This unique data set (identified with the TerraItaly brand) is generated from an integrated industrial process that was created by CGR, and delivers the highest quality input data to Ecopia’s artificial intelligence-based systems, which will rapidly process the imagery and output high-accuracy digital maps of the entire country. Ecopia Vector Maps powered by CGR are in production – several regions are available immediately, and the full country will be complete and available by October 2020.
“Ecopia is proud to partner with CGR to produce the next-generation of digital maps for Italy,” said Jon Lipinski, Co-Founder and President of Ecopia. “Having successfully delivered several projects together over the past 3 years, this initiative represents the next stage of our partnership. By providing this highly-accurate geographic information at-scale, we are excited to help drive better decision-making across the country.”
“CGR is excited to offer a product that meets the highest standards of accuracy at a country-scale,” said Giovanni Banchini, President & CEO of CGR. “This country-wide product will be generated in an innovative technical method based on AI and within an unprecedented timeline, allowing us to offer best-in-class mapping products as well as specific value added products and custom services to our customers both in Italy and abroad.”

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